julie kern donck


An audio track for the trees. The text touches both existential questions and fun facts.
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In thin and finely engraved disks of glass,
The memories of a language of loss.
My culture isn’t the popular one

Commissioned for → The Town Mouse And The Country House, In the pines, in the pines, where the Sun don’t ever shine, 👀 Undisclosed location, remote on & offline exhibition with Bora Akinciturk w/ Iain Ball, Flaviu Cacoveanu, Arthur Cordier, Pietro Di Corrado, Adele Dipasquale w/ Marco Quadri, Philip Hinge, Julie Kern Donck, Katerina Konarovská, Giacomo Layet, Luca Rubegni, Valentino Russo, Reynir Thor.

Curated by Arthur Cordier & Valentino Russo 👀

the town mouse and the country house