julie kern donck

core values (installation view)

plaster, lamps, blue projection, blue plastic, animal masks,

variable dimensions



Duo show with Damba Miaoumiau
→ Art Au Centre, Liège, Belgium.

“We were looking around our house, thinking about what to do and where to start. And this feeling struck us. It posed the question: Where does art begin? Where do we find inspiration and more importantly the legitimacy for making more trash in the world? The home environment is an important starting point since we recognised the importance of familiarity that this space provides for us. We find interface of the world in our rooms or our archives and sources of codes that enable us to decode or interpret the world. In this domestic environment, what struck us initially was that of the gazing animals, animals that have become domesticated, images of lions which sit on our coffee table framed like in a zoo. Masks from a Halloween after party oddly manipulated, personified.”